Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you to WATEC Portugal.

WATEC is globally renowned for its efforts in uniting people and organizations who understand the urgency of the water situation in the world.

Due to extreme climatic changes experienced globally in the past decade, and the ensuing droughts, and floods, several communities worldwide have experienced water poverty. These challenges have led to innovations in both strategy, and technology, by public and private organizations.

WATEC Portugal recognizes that the defining crisis of our time, can only be mitigated through the uptake of technological innovations and strategies. The two -day international conference will highlight current global scenarios, and showcase ideas and technologies that help deliver smarter, cheaper, more resilient, and environmentally conscious water systems.

Topics to be covered include:

• Water Reuse: Towards Resilience in Agriculture & Public Acceptance
• Water Security and Innovation: Contaminants of Emergent Concern – Monitoring and Treatment Challenges
• Increasing Synergies: New Water Sources in Cities and Industry
• Drinking Water: Challenges at Catchment Level
• Desalination: Opportunities & Challenges
• The Smart Water, Wastewater and Sector’s other Challenges
• The Water-Energy Nexus
• Smart Waste Management

The above topics will be discussed in plenary sessions, and in round- table discussions, led by key players from the academy, industry, and government.

Watec Portugal presents a unique opportunity for networking and product demonstrations, through our networking tool that enables you to set up B2B meetings prior to the event, resulting in successful collaborations.

We look forward to your participation,

José Carlos Pimenta Machado, Vice-President of the APA Board of Directors
Víctor M. Arqued Esquía –  Deputy Water Director for Hydrological Planning  – Spain